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When to Hire a CMO for Your Startup

Growing startups are often on the hunt for the best and most effective way to grow their team. This especially applies to the search for quality executives to make up a C-suite team. Tech founders who have specialities in engineering or product development may...

hiring CMO startup

How to improve the performance of your blog

For startups, your blog is your biggest inbound marketing tool and traffic magnet. It needs to be optimized and provide content that your target audience wants to read, or you're missing opportunities to convert visitors and leads into customers.  If you want to...

How to Hack the News Cycle Using Social Media

The ability to know how to hack the news cycle using social media has become an effective media outreach tactic for many tech PR agencies and even marketing professionals working in startups.  With the help of social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter,...

What does a SPAC mean for startup PR?

As a tech startup, you’re probably intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the world of funding. If you’re past Series A, B, C funding, or are looking to what may be your end goal, you’re familiar with what might be involved in taking your company public...

SPAC startup

Five ways to get your customers to sell for you

For B2B tech startups, customers are at the root of everything you do. Everything from their feedback to their validation helps provide direction for your next move. So it only makes sense that your customers can also play an essential role in your sales and...

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Why B2B SaaS CEOs Struggle with PR and Marketing

Many CEOs of B2B software companies, particularly ones with annual revenue less than $25 million, struggle to see the value of investing in a robust marketing program.

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