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Swyft has become a leader in helping tech startups and SMBs figure out how to adjust their communications strategies in response to COVID-19. We decided to dedicate an entire page to our COVID-19 PR resources to help you quickly learn how to keep your brand relevant during these challenging times.

COVID-19 PR Tips

The 4 Phases of COVID-19 Communications For Tech Startups

Based on our detailed tracking of the tech news media over the past three months, Swyft now believes that there are four discrete phases of a COVID-19 communications strategy. We are now sharing a quick synopsis of the four phases as you seek to develop your startup’s successful COVID-19 communications strategy.

4 phases of COVID-19 communications

Tips On How To Build a COVID-19 Communications Strategy

Technology companies must be ready to pivot their communications strategy in light of COVID-19. Your company’s future viability depends on driving awareness and inbound leads. To that end, the team at Swyft has put together a list of items to consider when reviewing and updating your communications strategy in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

PR tips for coronavirus outbreak

How To Pitch Your Technology Brand During The Coronavirus

Trying to get media coverage during a dangerous pandemic like the coronavirus is fraught with risk. Yet technology brands must figure out ways to stay relevant even during challenging times. PR firms can help find authentic, meaningful ways to tie brands to the coronavirus narrative without minimizing the gravity or missing the moment. Here are four story pitches your company can try. 

company pitch during coronavirus outbreak

How To Run A Creative Brainstorming Session During COVID-19

The arrival of COVID-19 has changed nearly every aspect of the modern workplace, including how to run a creative brainstorming session within your organization. Swyft put together some tips to help you organize and run brainstorming sessions in the new work-from-home reality we now find ourselves in.

Swyft brainstorming infographic

8 Career Tips For PR and Marketing Seniors During The Coronavirus

Graduating seniors in communications and marketing are facing the daunting prospect of trying to enter the job market during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will not be easy. But don’t give up hope! Here are 8 career tips Swyft came up with for PR and Marketing seniors graduating during the coronavirus.

Tips for PR and marketing seniors

Swyft Insights

Why startup tech marketers should care about PR

Why startup tech marketers should care about PR

Though the lines between marketing and public relations have blurred in recent years, there’s still some hesitation from startup tech marketers to incorporate PR into their marketing communications strategy.  Whether you feel like it’s too early to pursue PR or simply...

How to pitch your healthtech startup

How to pitch your healthtech startup

Over the past year, the global pandemic has pulled healthcare technology into the spotlight. As a result, the media conversations have largely been centered around healthtech startups.  For healthtech startups, media coverage is essential in order to build brand trust...

How GA4 can help tech startups take charge of their data

How GA4 can help tech startups take charge of their data

With so much to do and limited resources to do them with, it’s imperative that tech startups have systems for organization and measurement that keep track of marketing goals. One of the smartest tools startups should employ is the new Google Analytics 4. An overhaul...

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