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Silicon Hills, The Live Music Capital of the World, Bat City…whatever you want to call it, Austin’s draw is undeniable to startups, musicians, and foodies alike. Consistently recognized as one of the fastest growing cities and one of best places to live, Austin and its surrounding Central Texas cities have proven that everything is bigger (and better) in Texas. And if there’s anywhere a tech startup wants to be, it’s among the best. 

In a city that artfully marries the creative and technology industries, tech startups in Austin are at the forefront of the world’s most newsworthy innovations. Austin is home to countless startups that are inventing new technologies in spaces like SaaS and Cloud, advancing tech verticals like Health Tech and FinTech, and leading the way in emerging industries like IoT and AI. 

While all of the major players in the tech industry have staked their claim in Austin, the lean startups are what truly continue to fuel the hotbed of technology and innovation that has the big guys flocking here in the first place. Which is why you will find a tech PR agency like Swyft promoting many well known brands in the local Austin tech community.

Why Using a Tech PR Agency in Austin Matters?

Swyft is a top tech PR agency and marketing firm supporting B2B companies around the globe — but our heart lies in the Capital City. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, we live and work in the center of one of the country’s leading startup hubs. We draw inspiration and methodologies for our tech PR agency in Austin from lean startups who know how to operate with flexibility and grit. 

In a competitive market like Austin, it’s simply not enough to have an online presence. Tech startups in Austin need to carve out space for their voice and ideas to be heard in order to build industry credibility and brand trust. 

In order to solidify your position in a growing market and garner the attention of potential stakeholders, startups in Austin need to partner with a tech PR firm in Austin that gets startups.


Our Services For Houston Tech Startups

Our agile team of tech PR agency professionals has experience in a number of tech verticals and approach a media campaign with as much creativity and agility as they do a digital marketing or lead generation strategy. 

By leveraging our strong media relationships, creative insight, and lean methodology, Swyft has proven experience in driving measurable results for B2B tech startups, SMBs, and even enterprises.

Our full-services offerings include:

  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing 
  • Lead Management
  • Web Design


Ready to Partner With a Top Tech PR Agency Austin?

If you’re ready to stake out your position in Austin’s growing startup scene, then it’s time to partner with a PR firm in Austin that knows how to accelerate growth over the competition. Get in touch with us using the form below!


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