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Swyft is a tech PR agency focused on outperforming customer expectations of our tech startup clients. We combine creativity, marketing & PR knowledge and tech startup industry insight in order to disrupt the status quo. As an agency running on a lean methodology, we seek people with extreme curiosity and versatility, an ability to make fast pivots and a proven track record of working collaboratively and achieving great results for tech companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to constantly out-perform client expectations and deliver extreme value by leveraging our creativity, startup tech industry knowledge and ability to disrupt the status quo.

Company Culture

We put our tech startup clients first and take a creative, data-driven approach strive to deliver outstanding results. We value innovation, risk-taking, extreme agility, client focus and hard work. Because our clients are all tech startups, we always works to be the most agile, tech-savvy and value-focused PR agency in the world. 

Fully staffed at the moment, check back later!

We are accepting applications for interns. Interested applicants, please send us a resume with a compelling story as to why we should hire you.

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