Silicon Valley is the city that started it all. Nearly all of the biggest names in tech and business got their start in the Bay Area, making the term ‘startup’ synonymous with the area and paving the way for countless tech startups to follow their lead. Though the city has inspired similar startup ecosystems across the country, San Francisco remains the leading hub for innovative entrepreneurs, established B2B tech companies, and top tech talent. 

For tech startups in the Bay Area, carving out a stake in the competitive and saturated market is the name of the game, and securing capital — or better yet, reaching the pinnacle IPO — is the ultimate goal. 

San Francisco continues to be the highest market for VC funding, but Silicon Valley startups need to offer more than an innovative product in order to garner the attention of potential investors and key stakeholders.

Why Partnering With a Tech PR Agency in San Francisco Matters

Swyft is a top tech PR agency in San Francisco supporting B2B companies and tech startups around the globe. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, AKA Silicon Hills, but with an office in San Francisco, Swyft is immersed in the startup environment. We’re as in tune with emerging technologies as we are with the latest media trends. More importantly, we understand exactly how to position a startup in a way that builds industry credibility, brand trust and customer interest. 

In order to accelerate growth in a competitive market, get in front of key stakeholders, and secure media coverage in top tech publications, startups in San Francisco need to partner with a tech PR firm in San Francisco that gets startups. 


Our Services For San Francisco Tech Startups

Our agile team of tech PR agency professionals has experience in a number of tech verticals, from SaaS to cyber security, and applies a tailored approach to media campaigns, digital marketing strategies, and lead generation tools. 

By leveraging our strong media relationships, creative insight, and lean methodology, Swyft has proven experience in driving measurable results for tech startups, SMBs, and B2B enterprises.  

Our full-services offerings include:

  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing 
  • Lead Management 
  • Web Design


Want to Partner With a Top Tech PR Agency in San Francisco?

If you’re ready to establish your tech startup’s credibility and stand out in the innovative startup scene of San Francisco, then it’s time to partner with a PR firm in San Francisco that knows how to accelerate growth over the competition. Get in touch with us using the form below!


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