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PR Tips

The best tools for PR professionals

Advances in technology continue to change the playing field for PR professionals.  Finding a sketch artist or graphic designer to create a visual storyboard or infographic is ancient history. Instead, public relations professionals can go to a website and make one...

Career Tips

6 Skills You Need to Get Hired at a PR Firm

A career in public relations promises dynamic work full of variety. Chances are, if you like storytelling, connecting with people, and expressing your creative side, this is the perfect profession for you.  But just like any profession, there are certain skills...

PR Tips

Why outsourcing PR during COVID makes sense

Even as some state governments have ended coronavirus lockdowns, it will likely be a long time before things return to “normal.” Stores, restaurants and bars may be open once again, but many are choosing to stay away. Consumer spending has begun to rebound after...

PR Tips

What is thought leadership?

For many in marketing and communications, the term ‘thought leadership’ has become one of those hash-taggable buzzwords. For some, it even elicits an eye roll and shake of the head.  Yet there are a multitude of benefits to thought leadership. Done well, thought...

Essential Resources

Why B2B SaaS CEOs Struggle with PR and Marketing

Many CEOs of B2B software companies, particularly ones with annual revenue less than $25 million, struggle to see the value of investing in a robust marketing program.

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