Content Marketing Generates Leads


Gone are the days of postcard mailers, interruptive ads and cold-calling. What builds a predictable sales funnel full of marketing qualified leads today is thoughtful and well-written content, personalized experiences and marketing campaigns integrated across all relevant marketing & PR channels.

As a global marketing and PR firm, we can help you implement a successful inbound marketing program that achieves your most ambitious sales objectives and our primary goal – helping B2B tech companies grow. Along the way, we will rigorously test, measure and pivot to continuously improve your Inbound Marketing results. It’s what being an agile agency is all about!



At Swyft, we specialize in discovering the needs of your buyer personas, the language they use and content formats that appeal to them. Our inbound marketing firm expertise reaches all areas of digital marketing: content creation, social media, SEM, email, webinars and more.

Working with your marketing automation solution of choice, we will design eye-catching campaigns to reach your target audience and drive them into your sales funnel.

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Gaining more traffic won’t mean much if visitors don’t have a clear path to establishing a relationship with you. We can help guide your visitors through the buyer’s journey by having the right mix of evergreen and fresh content to keep them coming back.

We will place call-to-actions at key locations around your website to increase conversion rates. Our digital marketing experts can even help you design a lead scoring methodology to measure when leads become marketing qualified leads (MQLs).



Converting visitors into leads and then moving them to MQL status is no easy task. It involves carefully curated, well-timed and highly personalized content experiences.

By using marketing automation, lead-scoring, and defined lead-nurturing workflows, we can help bring raw leads all the way to sales qualified leads — primed for your sales team to close!

B2B Tech Inbound Marketing Agency
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Just like you made sure your prospects felt loved with well-written and personalized content, it’s equally as important to continue deepening the relationship.

We can help you keep your customers coming back with a stream of personalized content– newsletters, email campaigns, webinars, social media– to increase their brand loyalty, drive new purchases and spark more warm referrals.


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