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We like to jot down our learnings from time to time to share them with our clients, prospects and website visitors. It’s a way to demonstrate our knowledge on trends we are observing in marketing and PR. We hope you enjoy your read and can use these to develop your PR and marketing strategy.


Swyft Tech PR Guide

Learn how PR plays an important role in a Tech Startup’s marketing strategy.

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Why B2B SaaS CEOs Struggle with PR and Marketing

We discuss common reasons B2B software CEOs struggle with PR and marketing and how this issue can be fixed.

Email Marketing

Learn the essentials of email marketing to drive more leads and close more sales.

Writing the American Marketing and PR Playbook: Tips for European Tech Companies

Learn how to navigate the American market with this playbook dedicated to American marketing and PR.

Tackling your Social Media Strategy

Our guide provides data and insights into social media in 2018 and how to develop a winning social media campaign.

B2B Trade Show Guide

Use this handy guide to hit the ball out of the park when planning for your next trade show.

Writing the Crisis Communication Manual

Communications professionals who want to perform efficiently in a crisis need to be able to rely on a well-rehearsed crisis communications manual.

Swyft Insights

The Metaverse is a New Reality for Startup PR & Marketing

The Metaverse is a New Reality for Startup PR & Marketing

New advancements in the digital world continue to emerge, changing how brands and startups communicate and engage with virtual audiences. Recent developments in virtual spaces will require a shift in PR efforts if startups want continued relevancy. The latest trend to...

How to build marketing momentum at your early stage startup

How to build marketing momentum at your early stage startup

Many challenges loom large for founders of early stage startups, not the least of which is establishing a team, building an MVP, and securing initial funding to launch.  At the core of every startup's success, in addition to an attractive product, is the design and...

How to create a PR plan for 2022

How to create a PR plan for 2022

Whether working with a tech PR agency or not, every tech startup should create a PR plan for 2022 in order to win valuable media coverage and drive brand awareness across key audiences.  There are several key elements that go into a measurable PR strategy. When done...

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