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We like to jot down our learnings from time to time to share them with our clients, prospects and website visitors. It’s a way to demonstrate our knowledge on trends we are observing in marketing and PR. We hope you enjoy your read and can use these to develop your PR and marketing strategy. 


B2B Trade Show Guide

Use this handy guide to hit the ball out of the park when planning for your next trade show.

Why B2B SaaS CEOs Struggle with PR and Marketing

We discuss common reasons B2B software CEOs struggle with PR and marketing and how this issue can be fixed.

Writing the American Marketing and PR Playbook: Tips for European Tech Companies

Learn how to navigate the American market with this playbook dedicated to American marketing and PR.

Email Marketing

Learn the essentials of email marketing to drive more leads and close more sales.

Tackling your Social Media Strategy

Our guide provides data and insights into social media in 2018 and how to develop a winning social media campaign.

Writing the Crisis Communication Manual

Communications professionals who want to perform efficiently in a crisis need to be able to rely on a well-rehearsed crisis communications manual.

Swyft Insights

10 Tips for Successful Healthtech Media Coverage at HIMSS

10 Tips for Successful Healthtech Media Coverage at HIMSS

Swyft has years of experience helping small, mid and large-size B2B technology companies get more bang for their invested buck at trade shows. Because of that, we decided it was time we started sharing some of our ‘insider’ knowledge in hopes of helping aspiring...

How to Plan for a Trade Show Media Campaign

How to Plan for a Trade Show Media Campaign

Trade shows have been around for decades as important venues where companies derive value from contacts with a host of external stakeholders, among them channel partners, existing and prospective clients, media, investors, future employees, and business partners. One...

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