Texas is a great place to build a startup. Founders from companies at all stages of funding are flocking to the Lone Star State to build their companies, network with other founders and take advantage of the state’s many incentives and programs for innovative work.

In the spirit of the holiday, we’ve gathered a list of ten things to be thankful for as a startup in Texas.

Access to a stellar labor force

Top talent is flocking to Texas in areas like Austin, Dallas and Houston for jobs in tech and other sectors. But Texas also benefits from graduates of major universities such as Texas A&M, the University of Texas and more who wish to stay in the state for work. Students leaving these Tier 1 and other emerging institutions are great candidates for startup work and will bring energy and innovation to your industry.

Robust and growing VC market

Venture capital outposts aren’t just for Silicon Valley anymore. Texas’s robust VC market has seen an increase in recent years, with many programs operating as accelerators to help a startup kickstart its growth and gain market traction.


Texas boasts many tech-focused startup accelerator programs which a new founder or early-stage startup can benefit from. Groups like Techstars, Capital Factory, DivInc and more focus on Austin-area startups or transplants, and there are many in Houston and Dallas, focusing on tech at large or drilling into key industries like healthcare or business types such as SaaS startups.

Tech-focused media 

Another thing startups can be thankful for in Texas is media outlets focused on tech with a local focus. Outlets including Silicon Hills News and the Austin Business Journal covering the Hill Country or InnovationMap in Houston provide valuable opportunities for tech startups to earn media coverage for their work and how they impact the needs of Texans.

Coffee shops

What goes better with startups than coffee? Texas is awash with fabulous local joints and chains alike to give you options to take your work with you and mix up your scenery. We’re partial to a few Austin-area shops like The Meteor and Medici, but there’s a great scene for good coffee in Dallas and Houston, as well. 

Texas business incentives

Local startups are poised to find a welcoming environment for business in the state. Recent tech giants establishing or growing their footprint in the state, like Tesla, Google, Apple and Amazon, have remarked on the tax rates favorable to businesses and other state and local government regulations as a reason for their move. Plus, Texans don’t have to pay an income tax – which startups can be very thankful for.

Riding the tech wave

With tech booming in the state, a startup can find itself on a rapid pace for growth along with the tidal wave of industry in Texas. Along with more companies come more resources, a deeper network and meaningful connections to help foster your startup’s growth and positively influence your startup’s trajectory.


Texas is known for some incredible live events, with South by Southwest (commonly referred to as SXSW) as the most influential for businesses. Its interactive sessions provide opportunities for thought leaders to provide panels and host booths to interact with the wide breadth of media at the event and attract clients and investors to their mission.

Low cost of living

Despite its rapid growth, Texas still prides itself on an affordable cost of living. Housing prices, rent, utilities and state and local taxes provide exciting opportunities for prospective employees and their families in most Texas regions. This is especially true when compared to other tech hubs like San Francisco, New York or Chicago.

Great climate

Looking for more reasons to be thankful? Texas’s size means there’s something for everyone in terms of climate. Founders and prospective employees can enjoy nearly year-round “outside” weather in Central Texas, chilly winters in DFW, rain and beaches in Houston and its surrounding areas or a drier air in the panhandle and West Texas region. Take your work with you to a coffee shop or restaurant, with many featuring great patios to take in the scenery and culture.

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