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Swyft Named a Top PR Firm in Texas

Here at Swyft, we know that tech startups have it tough trying to manage their reputation skillfully while also growing their company from the ground up. That’s why Swyft focuses 100% on helping startups with their communications and demand generation needs! We’re...

Swyft is a global pr firm based out of Austin, TX
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What VCs should know about startup PR

As a VC, you recognize potential when you see it. When a promising startup pops up on your radar, it’s typically not hard for you to determine whether or not there’s investment value. Once you take the next step and add that startup to your portfolio, however, part...

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Top Awards for Tech Companies

If you are a small, mid-sized or even large tech company, receiving a highly sought-after award  will boost your company’s credibility among investors, attract top talent, and help you stand out above the competition.  Plus, many publications that offer these...

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Hardest lessons in startup PR

Doing PR for startups is no easy feat. Because you lack an established reputation, you need to work especially hard to get the media to pay attention to you.  You’re never guaranteed coverage, but there are ways to maximize your chances. Avoiding these rookie...

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Why B2B SaaS CEOs Struggle with PR and Marketing

Many CEOs of B2B software companies, particularly ones with annual revenue less than $25 million, struggle to see the value of investing in a robust marketing program.

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