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6 Benefits of hiring a tech PR agency in Austin

Every startup faces the challenge of standing out from the competition. Because B2B tech startups are drivers of innovation, often in traditional industries where change is difficult to adopt, building a strong brand image by engaging with the news media can...

How to create a 2023 PR plan for your B2B tech startup

It's already January! Have you figured out how to create a 2023 PR plan for your B2B tech startup? If you're like many early stage startups, it's never a given. With the holidays in the rearview mirror, it’s still not too late to figure out how to get more results...

Startup marketing team brainstorms how to create a 2023 PR plan for a B2B tech startup

Chicken or the egg? PR for startups

What befuddles founders and marketing leaders of tech startups is how to get their company featured in the news. It’s not unlike the old adage: which comes first, the chicken or the egg?  To get a better handle on PR for startups, it helps to be honest and admit...

Startup staff in need of tech PR strategy

The Do’s and Don’ts of pitching the media

Seeing your startup's name in the media is uniquely rewarding, especially after all the hard work you've put into building your business. Media coverage enhances your brand visibility, reputation, and SEO. That being said, media outreach takes time, consistency,...

Two people talk over a computer.

6 tips to make your startup website media-friendly

For early-stage tech startups, having a high-performing website is essential to growing your business. However, what's less obvious for many startups is the need to have a website that makes it easier for tech journalists to learn about your company and source...

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Why B2B SaaS CEOs Struggle with PR and Marketing

Many CEOs of B2B software companies, particularly ones with annual revenue less than $25 million, struggle to see the value of investing in a robust marketing program.

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