Startups of all sizes have big marketing goals: increase brand awareness, drive website traffic and win market share against entrenched competition. 

While those goals are supported by a foundational marketing strategy, a key component of that strategy that’s oftentimes overlooked is the role of PR. 

Many startup marketing professionals and founders wonder if PR is still relevant. After all, doesn’t social media occupy center stage, data analytics point out undiscovered opportunities and AI take the guesswork — and even much of the labor — out of selling to end buyers? 

Rest assured, PR is holding its own among the cacophony of competing technologies and metric-driven decision making. If anything, PR has gained greater traction in the digital marketing stack. 

Regardless of whether you are a manager, director, VP or even CMO, it’s crucial to understand the value of PR in today’s modern marketing landscape and how it can be used to achieve your startup’s revenue goals. 

That’s why Swyft has put together a Tech Startup PR Guide.

In our Tech Startup PR Guide, you will find a breakdown of everything you need to know about the value of PR for your startup. We cover: 

  • Why your startup needs PR 
  • How to create a winning PR strategy
  • How to pitch the news media
  • When and how to hire to tech PR agency
  • …and much more!

PR doesn’t have to be an elusive part of brand communications. When done right, it can be a powerful way to build your startup’s brand awareness, SEO, and industry credibility. 

We hope this guide provides deeper insight into how to incorporate PR into your startup’s marketing strategy so you can achieve the goals you set for 2021. 

Download the Tech Startup PR Guide

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