Content creation

A Foundation for Growth


A successful brand isn’t much without a good story behind it.  Swyft is unique among Austin marketing firms in that we integrate PR and marketing to help you build a content strategy that articulates your essential marketing messages.  Together, we can transform your website, blog and content assets into a source of fresh, informative insights for customers, prospects, and influencers.

Our Copywriters Tell Great Stories

  • We’ll help you create a brand identity, a brand “voice” and a memorable brand personality.
  • We’ll utilize great storytelling techniques to convey your important messages in ways that encourage action and are newsworthy.
  • We’ll incorporate an SEO strategy that includes keyword analysis, competitor tracking and monthly reporting, internal website link building.
  • We’ll turn your blog into a source of helpful content that drives new traffic, social shares and opt-ins.
  • We’ll build out a catalog of whitepapers, case studies, infographics, microsites/landing pages, web copy, video scripts — all to help you convert more visitors into leads, and leads into sales.


Great content marketing brings many benefits:


  • You will see higher organic search engine rankings.
  • You will have more credibility in the marketplace of ideas.
  • You will enjoy increases in MQLs and SQLs leading to more closed sales.
  • You will be more top-of-mind among customers, prospects and influencers.
  • You will have great content to share with media for more press mentions.

500 posts in 2 years!

A fintech company that leverages technolgy to provide commission to real estate professionals came to us for help with developing leads and awareness within their target market. We helped them achieve 5x website traffic than they had before and scored them 100s of new leads.

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