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A marketing strategy for B2B tech companies is only as effective as the tools and processes in place to support it. Our B2B marketing firm can help you find, implement and optimize leading marketing automation platforms like Pardot, Hubspot, and Marketo to help you build and execute ambitious inbound marketing and sales lead generation campaigns.

By combining marketing expertise, creative talent, and workflow design, Swyft will help you convert, nurture and close more sales at a higher rate than ever before.


Marketing Automation

Swyft understands the sales and inbound marketing needs of B2B technology companies. We excel at defining those needs in a way that helps us find, select and implement the most effective marketing automation platform for you.  Our services include full platform implementation, staff training, marketing process refinement, CRM integration, lead scoring, and more.

Our goal? Maximize efficiency, drive more sales, and deliver a strong ROI.

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Inbound Marketing and Sales Workflows + Website Engagement

Many companies struggle to optimize their marketing automation software, allowing leads to fall through the cracks and missed revenue growth opportunities.

Our B2B marketing experts have experience supporting most major marketing automation solutions, including HubSpot, Pardot, and Marketo. Our digital marketing agency will help you deploy landing pages, email campaigns, lead scoring, CRM integration and more. We ensure you get the best results possible from your marketing automation investment.

Marketing automation makes our inbound marketing services possible.  

Salesforce Integration

Swyft can help integrate your marketing automation platform with Salesforce to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your customer and prospect data. Whether it’s a native integration between Salesforce and Pardot or a 3rd party integration between Hubspot or Marketo, we will ensure the workflows are well designed, optimized, and documented.

B2B Tech Sales Enablement

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