Why Swyft, why now? The reason is simple. Since our founding seven years ago, we have significantly grown our services and evolved as an agency. We believe that the name Swyft better represents the values, work ethic and brand aspirations we have for our B2B technology customers. It shows that we have gone from being a PR-first agency to one that now offers integrated sales funnel services. In fact, we now lead with a blended approach to marketing and communications, with the ultimate goal of growing revenue and brand awareness for our customers. What’s more, Swyft is a new kind of agency, one we intentionally pivoted toward over the past few years.

Through First PR Alliance, our organically grown network of partner agencies, we now provide a seamless level of service that spans continents, time zones, languages and cultures. In fact, we recently supported multiple customers at trade shows on three continents within one week’s time of each other. We are organizationally flat, agile and staffed with creative senior marketing and communications professionals. Translation? Value for growth-minded tech companies

Swyft is a full-funnel agency, what we like to call “full-stack marketing.” The fact is our customers expect us to translate their brand and revenue goals into streamlined activities capable of delivering outstanding results. Our work speaks for itself: From high-level marketing strategy to the nuts and bolts of email marketing campaigns, we offer end-to-end marketing and communications integration designed to meet the exact needs of each customer. To become an integrated marketing agency, we realized that we needed to introduce more service offerings.

First and foremost, we launched a new website design service. With several projects already under our belt, the Swyft web team has demonstrated an ability to design modern, responsive websites that meet the branding and lead generation goals of our customers. Our team is design-focused, can use any manner of template or build highly customized sites using the latest tools, such as Divi (a drag-and-drop tool that makes it easy to design performance websites).

Another offering we felt should be part of every B2B go-to-market strategy is video marketing. We call it storytelling on steroids because it can connect with buyers on an emotional level as much as a rational one. With as many as 70% of B2B buyers now using some form of video throughout the sales funnel, compelling video content has been proven to drive higher lead conversion and sales close rates. That’s a strong an argument as you’ll find for B2B tech companies having a robust video library addressing a wide variety of customer needs. Video ignites top-of-funnel lead acquisition, convinces the naysayers and nitpickers in the middle of the funnel, and even persuades executive decision-makers at the bottom-of-funnel.

The core of what Swyft does for every customer is brand storytelling. We find what is most compelling, memorable and authentic about a brand. We articulate their unique voice, amazing stories and brand identity. We also discover the right buyer audiences to learn how they speak, process information and make decisions. Then and only then do we put our team to work creating and executing a go-to-marketing strategy.

Rest assured that, through our offices in Austin, Houston, Denver and Antwerp, Swyft will continue to provide our B2B tech customers with the same outstanding level of service we provided as Manzer Communications. Have questions about our new brand or how you can benefit from our highly agile, creative approach to helping tech companies grow? Let’s Talk or we invite you to subscribe to our updated newsletter. We have more exciting announcements coming and you can connect with us on our social media to receive updates and announcements.

Thank you for being the best part of the past seven years. Here’s to many more!

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