With the multitude of content covering social media campaigns from almost every aspect imaginable, it can certainly be a tedious exercise putting it all together for a “big picture” view. That’s why we saved you the trouble and did it for you!

Our white paper, “How to run a successful social media campaign,” is a comprehensive guide for planning and running an effective social media campaign, complete with specific examples and relevant statistics that outline every step of the campaign process.

Here is a brief overview of what you will see in our white paper:

Know your goals!

In order to save time and resources, planning every detail of your campaign ahead of time is absolutely essential. Each goal and objective should be outlined, from what results you’re looking for to which platforms you want to use. For example, if your campaign’s goal is to spark more engagement on Facebook among a specific demographic, then be prepared to decide what actually constitutes engagement for your brand — comments, shares, conversions, etc. — and how it will be measured when the campaign is completed.

Stay consistent

After determining which social media platforms will receive the most engagement from your target audience, synchronize and execute the campaign across all of them. While each platform works in a unique way and may target a slightly different audience, your brand messaging must remain consistent across each of them. If you’re planning to use Facebook and Instagram as your primary platforms, you may want to use an ad on Facebook and a visual post on Instagram. Broadcasting your content in both organic and paid posts across platforms is an opportunity for crossover promotion that is a must in today’s pay-to-grow reality. Strive for consistency by using the same hashtag for each post.

Measure results accurately

Measurable results are the main objective when launching a social media campaign, otherwise how else will you know if your campaign achieved its strategic objectives? To best measure your campaign’s results you will need the right tools to determine your campaign’s effectiveness and, ultimately, its ROI. Most social media platforms provide ways to measure engagement and reach, but it’s advisable to use your own social analytics tool– there are plenty of them on the market today– in order to measure and report on the campaign in one convenient place. 

Ready to download now!

How to run a successful social media campaign” is now available to download! The white paper will take you step-by-step through the intricacies of developing a social media campaign capable of delivering results across multiple social networks and even competing technologies like digital billboards. Our section on budgeting gives practical guidance on the need to create realistic budgets and even build in a little padding for the inevitable cost overruns that are part of running live campaigns using multiple teams, tools and timelines.

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