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We helped this martech company break into the American market to gain brand awareness.


OneAffiniti is a martech company founded in Australia that offers through-channel marketing automation (TCMA), a service where vendors send co-branded newsletters to the prospects and customers of their participating channel partners.

OneAffiniti entered the American market since 2015 when it opened an office in Austin, TX. The company currently has more than 2,500 channel partners in North America, reaching 3 million IT buyers each month.

Our Challenge

When we began working with OneAffiniti in 2016, the company was still new to the American market. It wanted to increase its brand awareness among large IT vendors and their channel partners, as well as grow its reputation as a leader in TCMA. The company was relatively unknown on the U.S. market and desired more website traffic from both organic and direct searches as well as improvements to key metrics like time-on-site and pages viewed. In short, the company needed to jumpstart its brand awareness and website visits and traction.

Our Answer

To help OneAffiniti achieve visibility on the American market, Swyft performed some basic marketing activities, including developing key Buyer Personas mapped to both the IT vendor and vendor channel partner, establishing the brand persona and voice to make the OneAffiniti brand more relatable, and identifying content needs to help build out the client’s content gaps. Armed with this information, we took the following actions:

Editorial Planning

We created an editorial planning calendar that identified the topics around which OneAffiniti would both create content for its own blog and pitch content to the media. The content ideation was fully integrated in that our approach to both the PR and blog content tracks were in synch where and when practical. Keeping an integrated approach and unified messaging strategy meant ideating certain blog posts that we could then share as either contributed articles or paid placements in trade news outlets.


OneAffiniti already ran surveys on different subject matter tracks. One such survey was a monthly “Pulse of the Channel” survey it used to obtain feedback from over the over 1,000 channel partners. The company also ran an annual “Business IT Trends Report,” which measured spending intent with IT decision makers. We counseled OneAffiniti on how to communicate the findings from its surveys in both its blog posts and to the media in a fashion that would bolster OneAffiniti thought leadership to the fullest.

Blog Posts

During our engagement, we produced one blog post weekly. We made sure to apply the brand voice we co-developed with OneAffiniti across all content. The blog posts were between 800 and 1,200 words long and written in a manner that was informative, engaging, and optimized for SEO.


We helped the company practice what it preached by taking findings from surveys and other sources and putting them into infographics. In one example, we illustrated key findings from a Forrester report on platform utilization that OneAffiniti had commissioned in order to make it easier to comprehend and share on social media.

Relationship Building

Swyft held quarterly calls with key regional managers throughout the world to better align company communication objectives with actual media outreach. With the support of members of First PR Alliance, our worldwide partner agency network, we executed the media outreach across all key markets and managed media relations in Australia, the UK and the U.S.

Trade Show Support

Prior to its arrival to the U.S. in 2015, OneAffiniti had not communicated to the American trade press. In the early stages of our media outreach, a lot of effort was spent on explaining to journalists what TCMA was really about and what the positioning of OneAffiniti in that market was. Within a two-year time span, we managed to develop relationships with all the trade journalists that mattered. Eventually, journalists proactively began reaching out to OneAffiniti for input on different industry stories.

A Regular Cadence of Press Releases

In order to stay relevant and in front of the trade press, Swyft developed a regular cadence of press releases covering both milestones announcements (high-profile new hires, a new service, a client win, etc.) and its industry survey results. A continuous drum beat of proactive media outreach kept OneAffiniti visible and created a demand for insider knowledge about marketing trends pertaining to IT vendors and IT channel sales.

Contributed Articles

Contributed articles are a great way to project thought leadership. We wrote a total of four exclusive articles for two tier-one media outlets: Channel Futures and Channel Marketing Journal. These contributed articles all received dofollow backlinks to the website, which was a boon to OneAffiniti’s SEO.

Media Coaching

Swyft helped prepare OneAffiniti spokespeople for every interview, staffed the interview, and took care of follow-up items to ensure nothing was left to chance and influential media were treated professionally.

Proven Results

Swyft managed to acquire considerable media coverage in all tier-1 North American channel media that mattered to OneAffiniti.

Industry media Outlets featuring OneAffiniti included:

  • TechTarget
  • Channel Futures
  • VAR Insights
  • Channel Pro
  • Channel Partners
  • Channel Marketing Journal
  • Channel Happy Hour
  • Channel Marketer Report
  • Channele2e
  • Channelnomics

Swyft also moved the needle for OneAffiniti’s website and demand generation needs. Among the digital improvements we observed during our two year engagement included some of the following increases:


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