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We optimized this SaaS company’s website, content marketing and lead gen strategy to deliver more traffic and leads.


Live Earth is a real-time IoT visualization and mapping platform that converges numerous data sources on a single, interactive panel to provide actionable intelligence for a wide variety of applications in private industry, law enforcement, education, and government. Live Earth came to us for help on improving lead generation as it was failing to convert new leads from its website or drive interest in the product from existing contacts.

Our Challenge

Our overarching challenge was that Live Earth was dissatisfied with the number of qualified leads it was able to obtain from both its website and existing contacts. The contributing causes to this main issue were many and included some of the following items:

The company’s website used a proprietary content management system with little room for customization. In addition to feeling outdated, the website lacked an underlying messaging strategy and its copy focused on features over benefits.

The company lacked content marketing assets like white papers, eBooks, case studies, and other content pieces needed to drive lead conversion. The company also lacked fully-developed buyer persona composites to help guide their marketing communications strategy, in part because they were intent on selling into an ever-growing number of industry verticals.

The company had no established marketing cadence tied to a marketing calendar, which impacted its ability to develop a consistent, strategic approach to email marketing, blogging, and social media. As such, there was no measurable way to identify marketing qualified leads and move them down the sales funnel with timely, targeted content.

Our Answer

Swyft began the process of redesigning the website by comprehending the company’s existing marketing strategy and helping it focus on four key industry verticals. We then developed buyer personas for each vertical to help guide the creation of website copy and future marketing collateral.


Website Redesign

Our website team recommended developing the company’s new website on WordPress using Divi, a WordPress theme and visual page builder that allows for greater design customization through drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG functionality. Divi allowed us to design pre-formatted pages to make future page creation more efficient, including the creation of landing pages in support of marketing campaigns and their related call-to-actions.

We rewrote the website copy to focus more on customer benefits for the four key industry verticals based on the newly defined buyer personas. We also wrote several white papers addressing the challenges facing those key industry verticals in order to drive traffic, opt-ins, and downloads. This, in turn, helped Live Earth seed its social media networks even as we used them to anchor targeted email marketing campaigns.

We also helped bring the website to life by creating animated graphics used throughout the site to give a more active user experience. The animation draws the attention of visitors to something of value and importance. By layering different animations, we made the site more unique and enhanced its visual aesthetic.

Video is an important communication medium for Live Earth as it represents the value and potential of its real-time IoT mapping platform better than a written description ever could. We made sure to embed the industry-specific videos on their related industry vertical pages and strategically placed other videos throughout the website.

Marketing Automation

We recommended a marketing automation platform to centralize the management of key marketing activities like email marketing, landing page creation, website analytics, social media, and more. With our recommendation, we helped Live Earth launch HubSpot to improve sales funnel management, website visitor tracking, email marketing, social media management, and more.

Proven Results

We helped Live Earth achieve measurable positive results as a result of our integrated marketing efforts. We developed a modern, interactive, mobile-friendly website that better represented Live Earth’s brand, enabling the fast and efficient communication of key messages to visitors, prospects, and customers.

After successfully implementing HubSpot, we worked with Live Earth to institute weekly email marketing campaigns to promote several industries identified by Live Earth. After creating several white papers, writing multiple blog posts, and developing landing pages, we began four-week campaigns targeting each industry vertical.



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