Congratulations! Your startup just received its first round of funding. If you’ve just been seeded or made it through Series A, you’re on your way to big growth. Along the way, a good tech PR agency and a solid strategy are key to propelling you to more funding and higher valuations. 

Here are some of our top PR recommendations to run between funding announcements. 

Share your team

As you grow your startup, you’ll want to make sure the public knows about the incredible team you’re aligning with your mission. Build a strong PR strategy around these executive team announcements to showcase each of your new hire’s skill, expertise and passion. An engaging bio and clear headshot are important, but sharing more detailed information about your leadership’s background will make it clear for potential clients and future investors to see how you’re building your startup with the right people for the job and get them excited about working with you.

Trumpet your growth

If your funding is bringing about expansions and mergers, don’t downplay it! Expansion signals a healthy business with great potential so you want to make sure your startup tells that story effectively with good PR.

Also on the path to growth and more funding are milestones set by you and your investors. As you reach these growth milestones make sure you’re also working closely with your tech PR agency so they can enlist the support of the media to share with a wider audience. In this round of PR, consider some articles by your leadership team giving insight into why these milestones are important to your startup and where you’ll go from here.

Launch well

Of course, we haven’t forgotten your product. Funding means your product or service can get off the ground or reach a wider audience, so you’ll need a good tech PR agency to make sure the message of what you do so well is getting to those groups. Help get the media and your target audience behind your cause and present your product or service as a key component to solve a social problem and you’ll enjoy a much more successful launch than if you overlook PR in your product marketing strategy.

Showcase your excellence

Now’s the time to brag on yourself a little bit. Make sure your tech PR agency is helping submit you for key awards and recognitions in your industry and for startups to get your name out there and showcase the awesome work you’re doing. Once you’ve won, let the people know! Flaunt your award and its significance through your blog and social media to emphasize your prominence in the industry and gain valuable attention from VCs and clients alike.

Speaking of blog – you’ll also want your executive team to present themselves as thought leaders in their fields and your startup’s industry. Work with your PR agency to create articles and contribute to industry publications to demonstrate your mastery over the subject and highlight how intelligent, creative, and passionate your team is. As a bonus, you’ll draw new attention to your work and make some great connections to further your success.

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