Through our global communications network, we’ve been able to grasp a better understanding of media and communications in an international market. In an effort to share a bit of that insight, we’ve asked our Associate Agencies to share some common media relations practices in their respective countries.

Next up in our series, we talked to Northern Link PR, a PR agency for Nordic companies, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Q. How many media markets do you cover in your country?
A. Four markets with one agency on each market: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland

Q. How do journalists prefer to be pitched?
A. When it comes to pitching, key success factors are: locally relevant news (this means Norwegian news for Norway, Swedish news for Sweden and so on), phone pitching, and exclusive interview offerings. Focus on bringing value to the journalist by knowing the target audience of each media and area of interest of each journalist.

Q. What is the most important business media outlet in your market(s)?
A. Sweden – Dagens Industri
Finland – Kauppalehti
Norway – Dagens Näringsliv
Denmark – Boersen

Q. What is the most important consumer media outlet in your market(s)?
A. Sweden – Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet
Finland – Iltalethi
Norway – Aftenposten
Denmark – Berlingske Tidene and Jyllandsposten

Q. What is the most important trend in your local media landscape today?
A. Internet and mobile penetration are among the strongest in the world. The blogosphere is very strong for B2C PR. Also of course, social media is very important and keeps growing.

Q. What is the biggest mistake you can make with journalists in your local market(s)?
A. To not understand what brings value to the journalist and his or her audience. Jargon and superlatives without facts do not go down well.

Q. What is the reputation of PR practitioners with journalists?
A. It is an ok relationship that is kept on a professional level. Becoming friends with journalists is ok, of course, but that will not make them more likely to write. Bringing them value is the key. 

Q. What is the knowledge of English with journalists?
A. Very good for a non-English native region. However, written material is expected to be delivered in the local language.

Q. What are legal or professional code restrictions to media relations practices? For example, in Germany there are many restrictions on giving gifts to journalists.
A. Professional PR consultants know that bringing value to the journalist is key.

Thank you to our associate agency Northern Link PR for giving us a brief insight into the media relations world in Nordic countries. Founded in 2011 for companies with Nordic ambitions, Northern Link PR is a Swedish PR agency that consists of a team of consultants that will help you with any communications need. This includes managing media relations, establishing and managing your digital channels, planning and executing events, managing your Nordic or Swedish company or product launch, or preparing and acting upon your crisis communications plan. Northern Link PR is capable of serving the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish markets.

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