Moving to Austin from other leading tech markets like San Francisco and New York City is the latest trend for tech startups and major companies alike. It’s a great community for like-minded founders and makers with plenty of arts, culture, and outdoor appeal and none of the regulatory hassle and exceptionally high price of living compared to California. 

Local NBC-affiliate KXAN reported more companies moved to Austin than any other city in Texas since 2010, and 2021 is on track to be the best year ever for business relocations to the Lone Star State’s capital city. 

When you’re ready to take the plunge into Lady Bird Lake and rehome your startup to Austin, you’ll have quite the communication hurdle ahead of you. Add these audiences to your tech PR agency’s to-do list and get your internal communicators on board to help spread the word about your exciting new adventure.

Your team

Give your staff the biggest insights into how, when and why you’re moving, and make it a celebration! Consider holding a public forum for the teams of your startup if there’s uncertainty and leave plenty of room for follow-up. Make sure your internal communications team, or your tech PR agency, helps you share the benefits of moving to ATX for your business and how it impacts your company’s goals – as well as the personal and professional impact on your team. With remote work gaining popularity and ease, you may build time for discussions about the options for moving with, or working remotely for, your startup once it relocates.

Customers and stakeholders 

A move may be exciting for your company, but you should think about how your product is tied to the market you’re already in and if a move will spur uncertainty and fear for those who do business with you. You’ll want to make sure your messaging to customers and stakeholders is reflective of your growth and potential, and seek to include them in the journey with you. 

Say you serve the financial services industry in San Francisco. Share with your customers how financial regulations in the state of Texas will impact your relationship with their California-based company which you provide services for. Or perhaps you work with defense contractors around LA. You might detail how Austin’s proximity to Fort Hood enables a more interactive relationship with the Army’s Armored Divisions stationed there and what that means for their contracts. 

Storytelling and having fun with your transition to these external groups can really help build excitement and make them feel included in your company’s future. Try including various members of your team as your storytellers so they’re along for the ride, as well.

Prospective employees

Austin has a certain allure to prospective employees, so don’t be shy about your plans to relocate as you speak to candidates once your move is decided. It may be the spark that attracts top talent looking for a change of scenery and gets them on board, or brings in key talent already in the city to join the team after your move is made.

Local VCs

Even if you’re not ready for your next phase of funding, it’s important to build relationships with influential figures in your new hometown. Share your announcements, set up meetings and start conversations with VC firms in Austin to build rapport and have a more open door whenever you’re ready for an investment.

Local government

As with VC firms, the same principle applies to relationship-building with the local government in Austin and it’s encompassing Travis County. As the seat of the state’s government, Austin businesses have a very close relationship with the city of Austin, Travis County and the Capitol. You never know what possibilities for partnership, incentives, or at least good PR await with a good relationship with local government.

The media

Finally, don’t count out local media for the capital city. Austin’s media outlets love to cover business and enterprise and the city’s growth. Make sure either you or your tech PR agency lets them know who you are and what your role in Austin will be, especially with some clear examples detailing how your company will impact the local community. Trust us – good coverage is good business.

As you think about settling into your startup’s new home, consider a PR agency specializing in tech PR. The Swyft team can help you get the word out about your relocation and can help with all of your startup PR needs.

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