PR and Digital Marketing for Healthcare Tech Companies


On top of compliance and regulatory needs, healthcare technology companies must adhere to many emerging companies face even more challenges when bringing their products and services to market.

Whether it’s a SaaS offering running 100% on the cloud or an enterprise-level solution, healthcare tech companies need support for a broad range of PR, digital marketing, and marketing communications needs to succeed in a competitive market.

Swyft is a healthcare PR and marketing firm that has developed a deep understanding of healthcare technology — what motivates buyers, how to talk the healthcare language, where to win valuable brand awareness and credibility in owned, earned and paid media. 

Our PR and digital marketing team has experience helping emerging growth healthcare tech companies scale their brand awareness and sales funnel growth using an integrated PR and digital marketing approach.


PR Support

Our team with help you craft a public relations strategy that will build your brand awareness through media placements in the healthcare industry and tech trade publications. We do this by getting to really getting to know your brand to craft messaging that cuts through the noise and clutter. Our team of PR healthcare experts has established relationships with these journalists in the space and will help your brand make a splash.

Marketing Automation

Our digital marketing team will help you implement marketing automation solutions for your healthcare tech company using popular platforms like Pardot, HubSpot or Marketo. These platforms are able to fully integrate with Salesforce or other popular CRM solutions creating a complete marketing and sales stack with nurturing, sales workflows, and lead scoring. After our team has helped you get set up on a marketing automation platform, we will train and help define best practices for your healthcare technology company.

Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing, ABM for short, is an integrated marketing and sales strategy to reach your key prospects by segmenting your leads on specific characteristics – like healthcare providers in Austin, Texas. Teams then develop a marketing communications plan for this specific subset of your leads creating a more personal interaction and equipping your sales team with tailored content. Swyft will work with your healthcare technology sales and marketing team to develop a full fledge ABM strategy. 

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing experts can help you execute cost-effective lead generation activities – like email marketing, SEO, web design, and content marketing – to ensure you drive high-affinity traffic to your website and lead conversion assets. Once we’ve attracted those leads, our healthcare marketing experts will help you nurture, close and convert those leads by using tried and true inbound marketing methodologies.

HIMMS Trade Show Support

Trade shows are a great way for B2B tech companies to gain brand exposure and generate leads. However, if not done correctly they can be a waste of valuable marketing money. Take advantage of Swyft’s trade show PR expertise as you seek to gain attention for your innovations at HIMSS and other trade shows in the U.S. and around the world. 

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