Case Study | Brand Awareness

Harte Hanks

We helped this company generate brand awareness and grow their company through an integrated marketing campaign.


A large publicly-traded company headquartered in San Antonio contacted us to help them raise brand awareness in order to improve hiring prospects in the Austin market. The company needed to figure out how to communicate career growth opportunities across a variety of industries available to prospective hires.

Our Challenge

The company lacked a cohesive brand identity across its various customer support divisions. It also lacked a solid communication strategy aimed at its workforce and the public at large.

Our Answer

We knew that if people wanted to work at Harte Hanks they needed to feel like they were a part of the organization. Our plan was to unify the brand and communication strategy for prospective and current employees.

We did this by conducting interviews to determine the traits of highly desirable/successful employees and create a theme and message around those traits.

Full-Fledge Marketing And PR Campaigns

After conducting interviews to pinpoint the key demographics Harte Hanks was looking for in employees, we developed a multifaceted media campaign that included digital marketing, posters, bus wraps, highway billboards, and newspaper ads. We also targeted potential employees through PR efforts with outreach to local TV and print media.


Create a unifying brand theme and communication strategy designed to give the company’s employees a universal brand with which they could identify above and beyond the separate customer support groups to which they belong. We created a single theme around a call to action for employees and prospective employees, complete with original photography of employees, graphic design, and messaging. Based on interviews, we also identified three key demographic traits indicative of highly desirable/successful employees. Our messaging and artwork for both recruiting and internal communication materials targeted those traits in order to boost the company’s appeal across those segments.

Employee Satisfaction

To boost company morale, we recommended an employee ambassador program to reward top performers with perks and additional responsibilities that included becoming recruiting ambassadors with networking and social media opportunities.

Brand Messaging

To further maximize the company’s new brand messaging, we suggested new social media engagement opportunities highlighting their hiring efforts and showcasing the perks of working at Harte Hanks. We also suggested that the client create additional branded material for its offices to include posters, lanyards, pins and other branded items.

Proven Results

Our partnership with Harte Hanks proved not only to be successful for the company’s branding and marketing identity but also improved company morale. Our branding helped foster a stronger sense of employee belonging by creating a series of internal use posters featuring original photos of current employees and copy relating to their work experience.

Revamping Harte Hanks branding identity to support their growth opportunities ultimately led to a successful recruiting campaign with several hundred new employees. 





The client’s corporate headquarters liked our recruiting campaign so much they decided to utilized it as a company-wide initiative on their employee recruiting website in order to give the site a stronger brand identity, provide a more employee-centric image, and to make an effective call-to-action.


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