Since joining the WPEngine Agency Partner program, Swyft has had access to quite a lot of new information from the world’s leading WordPress hosting platform, particularly on helping our clients grow further, faster.

We were invited to attend the WPEngine Digital Breakthrough Summit held in Austin this week. The Digital Breakthrough Summit was all about how WPEngine as a company can share and accelerate digital marketing agencies and give them access to cutting-edge ideas inside WPE.

The First Day was jam-packed with sessions and breakout speakers ranging from big names like Nicolas Thompson from WIRED to smaller agency speakers like Travis McAshen from Glide.

What struck me at this event is how WordPress has transformed over the years from just being a CMS for bloggers to a full DXP (Digital eXperience Platform) robust enough to manage the sophisticated needs of larger companies.

The Summit wasn’t just about how people were leveraging WordPress as a platform but also what WPEngine has in store for this later year. We got a few sneak peeks of the new upcoming interface for the WPEngine dashboard to make client management even more intuitive. We learned more about Cloudflare integration and the new tools that will make websites even more secure while also providing faster load times. WPEngine’s new Plugin Automation tool will make updating plugins more seamless and automated, allowing us to focus more time on advising our clients on how to build stronger, more effective brands.

What does this mean for Swyft as an Austin full-service web design agency moving forward? With the new knowledge we have gained and the people we met, we will be working closely with WPEngine to help create more streamlined solutions and world-class creative branding ideas for our clients for years to come.

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