Orlando Villarreal

Director of Web and Application Development

Orlando Villarreal has over a decade of consulting experience in marketing, website design and app development. He specializes in responsive WordPress and web app design with a focus on CRM integration including Salesforce and Hubspot software platforms.  A relentless problem solver, Orlando is well-versed in many programming languages including Javascript, PHP, SQL and Swift. With this skill set, he seamlessly integrates his web apps with e-commerce platforms such as Woocommerce and Shopify.

Along with his passion for programming, Orlando is a prolific blogger who writes about a variety of topics on his website commandzer01.com. When Orlando isn’t building websites or blogging, he volunteers with the Merivis Foundation, an organization that helps veterans connect to Salesforce technology careers, teaches students web design at Austin Coding Academy, and networks with fellow salesforce personnel at Salesforce Saturdays.

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