President and Partner

Dave founded Swyft in 2010 as a way to combine his creative storytelling skills  and love of disruptive tech companies into one business. As a marketing communications professional, Dave has helped build out marketing and PR strategies for B2B tech companies for over 12 years. His expertise in brand strategy and lead generation helps many companies see rapid growth in website traffic, brand awareness and marketing qualified leads. Thanks to his deep media connections and creative insight, he earns his clients valuable exposure in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Money, Forbes, Huffington Post, USA Today and other well-known news outlets. Dave is the founder and editor for PR over Coffee – an organization that educates small businesses and nonprofits about how to get their stories into local and national media outlets.

When not diligently working for clients or volunteering in the community, Dave is hitting the trails on his mountain bike or brushing up on his French during trips to Paris visiting family, friends and his favorite bistros.

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